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"I don't have time to do my homework ...

I can't keep up at school"

"I can't go to school today - I'm

worried about leaving Mum on her own"

"I get bullied at school ... no one understands what it's like for me"

Sometimes you may find it hard to keep up with homework, coursework or revising for exams because of your caring role at home.


It's really important that you try and talk to a favourite teacher and explain what the situation is at home.  If you let them know what is happening, then they will be able to offer extra support with your homework or coursework and help you revise for exams.  It will help them to understand why you may be late or not in the lesson.  Ask us for advice and support.

No one should feel they need to skip school just because of a small group of people, so if you feel you are being bullied it's important to speak to us or to

your school.  This way we can help sort it out and make your life much easier.  If you want to talk to someone anonymously then you could ring Childline on 0800 1111.

Sometimes you feel that you can't leave your 'cared for' alone at home as they are having a bad day, so you don't go to school.


It's important to talk to someone when this is happening, as they can help.  You should try talking to your doctor or another adult you trust or know well, or talk to us at the Young Carers Service - we understand how you feel.


There is a lot of help available from your local council too, so talking to these people may lift a huge weight off your shoulders and may mean you can go to school or college and not have to worry so much about leaving your 'cared for' person alone.  Ask us - we'll help with advice and guidance.

Does this sound like you?

These are just a few of the issues you might have as a young carer 

Call us for advice and support about anything that's worrying you

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As a young carer you may have worries . . .

You may also be . . .

Worried, anxious, sad or stressed about everything

Having feelings of panic

Feeling guilty, isolated, not understood, or trapped

Finding it difficult to cope with the moods of the person you care for

Feeling angry, embarrassed or ashamed about your home situation

Having aches and pains because of the physical support you do

Upset that you can't meet your friends regularly

Finding it difficult to go to school

Finding it difficult to concentrate at school

Worried about money and the family budget

Having eating problems - overeating or not eating proper meals


We can help you with all these feelings and worries - we understand what it's like for you