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We have a brilliant venue for our young carer's clubs -The Carpenter Centre has great facilities.  All young carers are invited!  

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        The Carpenter Centre . Oak Road.

             Overdale . Telford . TF3 5BT

See latest age groups and dates on the calendar on the home page!

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Young Carers

Youth Club

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Youth Club happens every Wednesday evening during Term Time between 5 and 7pm


There are two Clubs held on alternate weeks:  

5-11 years (in primary school) and

11-18 (in secondary school or college)


For those families who do not have use of a car, we provide taxi transport.  For young carers coming by taxi we ask that they bring £2 (per family) to youth club as a contribution towards the cost of this transport. See further note below about taxi transport.


We provide a filling snack for every young carer (eg hotdogs/sandwiches/pizza/cake/puddings etc).

All about Young Carers Youth Club

We ensure that taxis have names and addresses in advance and that young carers are in their appropriate taxi to go home at the end of a trip or activity.  If taxis do not arrive on time, or not at all, we always do our best to resolve the situation if we are able.


However, the Young Carers Service are not responsible for:

    the above Go Carz taxi requirements not being adhered to

    general taxi reliability issues

    any changes of pick-up/drop off destinations that we have not been made fully aware of by a parent/guardian

    the safety of the child or young person during the taxi transfers


We kindly ask that any disputes should be resolved between Go Carz taxis and the parent/guardian of the young carer.


Parent/carers signature on taxi transport consent will be required at initial assessment from 1st September, 2014.

Youth Club Behaviour Rules

In September 2015 we've started at a new venue for Youth Clubs - The Carpenter Centre, Oak Road, Overdale, Telford, TF3 5BT.  


It's brilliant!  It has:

. large outdoor and indoor areas for   sports/games/dance

. full kitchen with 2 cookers for cooking/baking

. smaller room with wifi for computers/XBox/Crafts

Taxi Transfer

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drivers carrying young carers are CRB/DBS checked

drivers knock on door of young person on pick-up (drivers will not do this if other young carers are already in taxi)

drivers do not leave a young carer on drop-off before an activity unless they are sure they are at the correct location and recognise, or enquire of, a member of staff

drivers observe a young carer safely enters their home at drop-off after an activity

The Young Carers Service have been utilising Go Carz, Telford (formerly Central Taxis) for many years to transport young carers to and from activities.

Go Carz are required, by us to ensure:


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